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From the corner of my eye, I noticed our five-year-old daughter tippy-toeing down to the kitchen with my wife.

Seems like it’s time for Tam’s snack… or maybe she felt like munching something cause she got bored’, I whispered to myself while double-checking that my mic was on mute.

I soon got the sense (a sense I’ve become so familiar with by now) that Sandra, my wife, was attempting to make eye contact with me. My head lifted towards her effortlessly.

Are you on mute? ‘ she asked gently, the first item in the checklist she seeks to tick…

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From the most recent feedback I was given by the teams I currently work with, I noticed a common theme emerging. Although they did highlight a variety of positive points, the one thing that stood out was how good they felt — how good they felt about being part of that team, the sense of appreciation they felt for the features they have been able to deliver, and how much they enjoyed interacting with me and other team members in doing what they do every day. I have been working as a scrum master for close to four years now…

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All organisations that develop products and services do so with one intention at the core — to fulfil a need or want their customers have and to improve their lives and livelihoods continuously. They are determined to achieve this by keeping the customer’s needs at the heart of the entire product delivery process. This is the mission of every organisation; this is the aspiration of every CEO; this is the aim of every senior leader, and this is the slogan of every marketing team.

However, is it really the case with every organisation? Do they treat the customer’s needs and…

If you ask me what my favourite Agile ceremony is, the answer will be the Sprint Retrospective (or the Retro, as we affectionately call it), without a doubt. It’s not because I get to wear a crazy hair wig, put fancy eyewear on or conduct cool and fun team activities that involve asking my team members wacky questions. These contributing factors may make Retro the most fun Agile ceremony, but more importantly, it’s my favourite because of the platform it provides to pause what we are doing, reflect on our past and learn to improve things in the future.

An Effective Retro


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I have been working on this article since early February without a set date to publish it. At that time my intention was to create broader awareness of the remote working arrangements adopted by most tech companies or departments over the past decade and to encourage a wider audience to consider adopting such practices in their own working environments.

I (and most of us for that matter) never thought that remote working would so rapidly become a critical aspect to businesses continuity, but the global COVID-19 pandemic that has unfolded before our eyes has made it so. Most organisations are…


At the turn of this century, 17 passionate software professionals met in Snowbird, Utah to discuss lightweight development methods to address the problems with traditional methods, which critics described as blindly planned, overly regulated, micro-managed and non-responsive. Together they published the Manifesto for Agile Software Development, which included four values and 12 principles. It allowed software development teams to evolve through requirements to the solution using a collaborative approach; it encouraged teams to deliver outcomes early and regularly, while learning from what has been delivered. …


I still vividly remember that Thursday afternoon. I got back to my desk after gobbling my lunch at a speed of 100 miles per hour, as my team had a software release deadline to meet in a couple of weeks. This release would be a game changer for both us and our customers, with a major overhaul in the way we allowed them to connect to our EDI network and exchange electronic business documents with their supply chain partners.

In keeping with my usual habits, I was getting excited about the imminent product launch that the team had been working…

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many different software development teams that utilised a multitude of methodologies, working styles and tools. Although there were many differences between those teams, one thing that was common across all of them was estimating effort for the work they had to complete.

Before the age of Agile ways of working (even though I prefer the explanation that agile is a way of thinking and behaving), the Waterfall approach had been working out of a monolithic project plan that defined the timeline to complete the entire project in terms of activity-based…

As a father of two kids, I get to sit down, put my feet up on the couch and see a movie or two with them during the weekend. My son is 11 years old and, these days, he is into superhero movies, like Avengers and Justice League, and science fiction, like Star Wars. My little daughter is four years old and she still enjoys her downtime over an animated movie.

Keeping up with this tradition, a couple of weeks ago, I happened to see the movie How to Train your Dragon. I must admit that I have seen this…

Let me start with a story.

Another ordinary morning ….

A bustling IT department full of energetic people — in some corners, people have gathered around the Scrum wall to have their daily huddle. Some other teams seem to have finished their huddles and have already started ‘pairing’ to get that pull request reviewed or to complete the next code change. Still, others seem to have gone into their ‘quiet time’ — all you can hear around them is the faint sound of music that has managed to escape the headphones they are wearing, and the noise of the keyboard strokes they are frantically typing.


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